The Butler in a Formal Household ,is the most polished ,well versed in the ethiquette and good manners .

The tasks of highly qualified Butler include :

  • Hosting ,Greeting Principals ,be on hand to meet the guests at the door.

  • Dressing the table ,serving drinks and food ,ensuring cutlery and crockery are always clean and polished .

  • Manage the wine cellar , advice and participate in the grocery shopping .

  • Train other staff in formal service .

  • Caring of the silver and all th antiques , carpets..

  • Valet Duties as the head of the household ,Wardrobe  Wardrobe overseeing ,organizing the Principals clothes ,shoes and accessories clean and maintained .

  • Caring for high end items storage areas are organised.Coordinate the clothing beauty supplies.

  • Assist in the planning of events ,dinners parties.

  • Chauffering could be involved when required arranging for car valeting.

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