The role of House Manager is full of individual outgoing qualities .

Passion,Talents,Pride and Flexibility are a Must ! To deliver exceptional Services to
Exceptional Dignitaries To be extremely orgonized ,self starter who has no
problem hitting the ground running multi tasks .Able to take up challengers and
to work independently much like that of a private luxury Hotel .


Services :
The main Responsibilities of a successfull House Manager include permanent
initiatives for improving the management of the household every day by ensuring
a pleasant environment for the family and all the team work.
Responsible for providing high level support across all areas of the Principal’s
private affairs being well thought out solutions provider .


  • Handle all enquiries in courteous and effective manner ensuring the

Principals satisfaction carrying out their wishes .

  • Creating a book as Standard Operating Procedures SOP for the Principals

routine and habits as the upmost importance, organsing the logistics of
cleaning standards , room by room /layout/provisions …The habits of
table service as : breakfast , dinner , tea time ,snacking …


  • Maintaining Household stock and inventory of various errands running with book for each Department ; creating reference manuals for:Clothers ,Shoes, Silver , Furniture ..,and updating each month  .

  • Prepare and coordinate the clothing beauty supplies , cormetics are kept clean in the correct places .

  • Using systems to automate the management of household , creation of formal chacklists to run the household as if it is a top luxury hotel.

  • Ensuring the aesthetic wig full usage cleanliness at the right use .Taking 

Initiative to resolve and draw attention to areas that don’t meet required standards .With the utmost professionalism at all times .

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